Christmas letter

It’s that time of year I receive updates from all of those people who have slowly been trickling out and into my life over the past couple of years. Some of these people were moments in time, some of them are true friends, and some of them were there for me or I for them when they just needed someone with them. My parents have the tradition of sending out pictures along with a Christmas card telling all of their friends and family about what the happenings of their life. My name and adventures are mentioned within the newsletter.

2012 started in a barn dancing and drinking . . . for me . . . I think! In January 2012, you would find me in the library knee deep in books studying medical terminology, learning about laboratory values, and researching nursing diagnosis. It was the second half of nursing school – the more difficult half! Between January and August 2012, I only saw the back of my eyelids during movie nights, and food went into the belly when friends made din din for me! It all paid off because in August 2012, I graduated from nursing school with a Masters of Science: Nursing. Mom, dad, and Summer watched me walk across the stage. I packed up my room, said goodbye to Arizona, and dumped all of my belongings in California. In September 2012, the studying did not end as I continued to study for the NCLEX (nursing board exam). Yep, I passed! The morning after the exam, I hopped on a plan to Salt Lake City, UT to visit family. Richard revealed to me the place for the house he would build – on a cul de sac next to a river walkway. I can’t wait to see the finished project he builds with his own hands!! From there I traveled north to Boise, ID to attend a small, intimate, and beautiful wedding of a dear new friend I met while in nursing school. In October 2012, I went even farther east to Illinois to visit more family with my father, who squeezed in a quick visit to his alma mater: Northwestern Illinois University! I explored downtown Chicago and
re-connected with my cousins! November 2012 was full of yumminess and goodies as I made my way to Nor Cal visiting a plethora of family and friends. All this time I have been frantically and consistently applying for positions as a pediatric registered nurse. Even though everyone has been complaining about the nursing shortage, I have been unable to find a job. My travel plans include a trip to Greenville, North Carolina for an interview in December 2012!! Please pray God will open a door for me and I will be willing to walk through it.
May 2013 be full of smiles as surprises as we close the door on 2012 and explore the new year! Celebrate the New Year in style!


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