in the past 24 hours, I have been in 3 airports; the first airport was on the west coast: 30 minutes from the beach; it started with me waiting in line, then TSA unable to scan my information, more waiting in line, me becoming impatient, then finally surfing the Internet while waiting to board the plane; the second airport started with surfing the Internet, catching up on emails – I get so much done in the middle of the night when little distractions are around me :); had to exit the terminal and enter another terminal – yep that meant having to do security checkpoint again; fortunately, the line at a busy international airport is short and sweet at 0200; then again, waiting for the plane, this time I snuck in an hour of sleep- even slept the 3 hour plane ride; airport #3- last leg of my flight: 12 hours later; more surfing the Internet, reading and informing myself – getting smarter; updated loved ones on my travels; now I’m on the plane, finishing up my trip; wish me luck!


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