• For the past three decades, I’ve always had an agenda. When I was younger, the agenda was to do well in school and play soccer to the best of my ability. As soon as I started playing soccer, understanding the positions, and working with teammates to score goals, the next thing on the agenda consisted of being selected for the All-Star team. After playing with the All-Stars for a couple of years, I wanted to play with the high-school team and other incredibly talented members by club soccer consuming all of my free time. All of this practice paid off because of the opportunity to play for two universities. While in my college years, classes and practices to attend consumed all of my time. It’s no easy task taking a full course load and playing for a team. Then I graduated, I thought I was done with school . . . for now. My next goal was to travel to Australia. Therefore, this meant finding the means to pay for the trip. I worked my little tail off: I worked two jobs, overtime at both of them, and even worked on the weekends. By working all the time, it decreases the money you spend because you have no time to shop! I finally gathered all of the funds and took off to go ‘down under’. The summer before I left for AUS, my heart’s desire changed to care for people. The main purpose of the trip was for fun and travel, but an opportunity to study animal behavior at the University of Newcastle presented itself – I jumped on this opportunity. When I returned from AUS, I was a feather – floating from Nor Cal to So Cal. God had something in mind because when I went to attend a wedding in Nor Cal, a friend recommended to research pre-requisites for nursing school. I did – there was an opening – I took it. Now, I was working full time and taking pre-reqs. When that class was over, the next class was booked solid for the summer. Therefore, I had to transfer colleges. Luckily, my girlfriend was sweet enough to allow me to crash her pad a couple of nights a week to continue my studies at a community college near her. Then fall came around, I traveled to visit family and friends without a real plan. A friend of mine ended up in a bind and she needed a place to stay. While at the airport returning to CA – I received a message on my cell phone (my cell phone had been off for the past 10 days) with my friend in tears telling me she and her beau were splitting up. Decision was made to go to So Cal! From there I was blessed to find a job to work and a school to take a full load of classes for pre-reqs. Even just took a couple of classes for ‘fun’. God’s way always pans out because those classes I took for ‘fun’ turned out to be pre-reqs for other nursing programs, which made me eligible for more nursing schools. Now, I have no agenda – I’m only going to travel!
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