who would’ve thought

the other day, I drove through the grapevine; before driving through the grapevine, I pulled over into a truck stop to fill up for gas, it was $3.799/gal and I decided to pass because that price seemed high to me as i filled up the last time for $3.339/gal; then the last exit before the entrance to the grapevine, I pulled off because gas was running low and there were two gas stations; gas was 4.439/gal; OUCH!; I checked the GPS and saw a Flying J stop 10 miles up the way; I thought this was odd because that would be in the middle of the grapevine, but I figured I’d take my chances: can the price of a gallon of gas really exceed $4.439/gal?; as I approached Flying J, I told myself I’d bite the bullet and fill ‘er up; to my surprise, gas (in the middle of the grapevine) was $3.799/gal; then I continued on through the grapevine, and sure enough: at the other end of the grapevine, gas was selling for $4.439/gal; isn’t it strange how something in the middle is the best: think about it: the cream is in the middle of the Oreo, the good stuff is in the middle of a sandwich, the best child is the middle child 🙂


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