to Chicago

its been a short, but long day; yesterday, I was at the office for 11+ hours; then drove 2 hours to my parents place to unpack all of my ‘summer’ clothes and to pack for 42 degree weather in Chicago, IL; I arrived at my parents place at 2130; I realized not all of my ‘winter’ clothes were there- they were still packed away somewhere; therefore, I’d have to make do with what I had for the time being; my ‘winter’ clothes consist of pants and long sleeve shirts, some hats and maybe a pair of gloves and the hats an gloves were not present; in saying that, I am not a cold weather type of girl; I love being able to wear pants and a thin long sleeve shirt outside during the ‘winter’ months; therefore, I’m thinking I will freeze in Chicago; my day started this morning by climbing into bed and reading a bit before dozing off to sleep shortly after midnight; at 0345 I woke up to a pleasant song, hopped in the shower, got ready, and off to LAX; I know I will freeze back east because I sat in LAX and was cold; boarded the plane and had 3 seats to myself and I used them to sleep the entire way to ORD; departed the plane in a leisurely manner; phoned dad – only to realize that we don’t always communicate very well; the past 2 times I was to meet him at an airport, I was an hour early or he was an hour late; I sat near the baggage claim reading and writing away; we trekked over to the car rental and drove for 4 hours- chatting about life and the purpose of the trip: the possibility that this may be the last time to drive this route, last time to see his sister; that scares me; it’s been a long process coming to this realization and even writing this makes me eyes swell with tears; we arrive at the house of my aunt and uncle; however, we fiddle with technology finding pictures and sharing them, checking in for tomorrow’s flight, and reading emails; we then venture off to downtown Macomb for din din at Shiloh’s; delicious food, intense conversation, laughter, tears, fancytastic company, love filled the air; we traveled back to our hotel room only to have a couple of minutes until lights out; no, it won’t be the last time I see them, but I’ve learned to cherish very moment with people; slowing down just a bit to realize the real joys and important aspects of life


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