over stay your welcome

i’ve always liked to live life with people; ever since i was a little child, all i ever wanted to do was to swim in your pool, kick around the ball with you, chase the boys, play mario kart on your television, and the like; i enjoyed the houses of my friends and wanted to spend time; sometimes i just wanted to accompany my mother to the store; i think some of this stems from visiting my aunt and uncle and cousins; i never felt like their life revolved around me – i liked it; i came to visit days, weeks, months at a time; i’d accompany my aunt to Grocery Outlet; she never made me feel like an inconvenience – she always made me welcome; one time i visited them and i was walking in as they were walking out, but they said i could stay as long as i wanted; now that i’m a big girl – i revert to my little childish ways; i want to come over to your house; i want to sit and live life with you; sometimes i feel like i overstay my welcome: is this possible?; i don’t want you to think that your life has to change because i decided to show up; i want you to continue to live your life and if you have to leave (and don’t want me at your place alone) – just let me know; if you have things to do – just do ’em; if you want me to stop talking – it’s okay – i can find other things to do (i’m sure); today, i was sitting and chatting with a girlfriend today and as i left i wondered “was she staying up because i was there? was there something else she planned to do? – i’m bad at ‘reading’ people and wondering if i’ve overstayed my welcome; you are welcome at my place . . . always – whether or not i am there


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