I never knew how tough it is to apply for jobs; in high school I played soccer on the high school team and was captain of the club soccer team for which I played- therefore all of my free time was practicing, training, running, or creating schedules / plays for my team; all of my time was dedicated to improving myself and my teammates; I didn’t have time for a job; when I entered college, I continued to play soccer and when soccer didn’t consume all of my time, I dilly dallied at an ice cream shop across from where I lived; then as I was subbing for a friend of mine of her soccer team, I met a couple who needed a nanny for their twin boys who lived down the street from me – I watched the little ones after school; when I graduated college, I became a counselor for the incoming freshman – only put in two applications and was selected for this job; then I started ‘scooping poop’ for a vet clinic and slowly worked my way up the ladder; within 18 months there, I was recommended to a bigger vet clinic and was hired on the spot; transferred my status to Southern California (no application- just word of mouth); as I wasn’t furthering my education at the place in Palm Springs, I sought out education at a specialty clinic down the way; when the specialty clinic got word, I was leaving the area- they enticed me with a job offer that was difficult to turn down; I took the job and couldn’t be happier; I’m so blessed to be able to do what I am doing; now that I’m applying for nursing jobs with no experiences and no one to speak on my behalf, I realize the difficulties of applying for and obtaining a job; I never thought applying for a job was such a difficult task; months ago I didn’t understand people who were in dire need of a job – I thought they just weren’t applying themselves or not sending out enough applications; now, I understand the difficulty of finding a job and being hired; please forgive me for being so ignorant in the past: I have submitted over 39 applications and have submitted my résumé a countless number of times with very minimal response; my resume has changed and been revised almost weekly; I’m still applying, still waiting, still being rejected: maybe this is another way God is teaching me patience


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