learning how to be unselfish

it’s difficult to unlearn something after you’ve learned and basically perfected something such as selfishness; selfishness is so easy to overlook while you are being selfish; it blinds you to some of the things you see around you – thinking you aren’t a selfish person; chasing perfection makes us selfish and lots other people down; I want to be on top, but there’s got to be another way; my selfishness has been in full force for the past three months; it’s hard to learn to be unselfish; now, I’m struggling with what the other person thinks of me (thinking about how to think about them and their response) and how I can better serve that person, when in reality it’s not about me – its not about you: it’s all about glorifying the Lord; therefore the question shouldn’t be how can I serve you, how can I be unselfish, the question should be: how can I serve the Lord? therefore, it doesn’t matter what I do or what you think- how can this glorify the Lord

addendum: article on CNN posted 13 October 2012 – please, help me be selfish!
does this mean I’m the only one with the selfish problem?


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