Shhh . . . it happens

Since graduating nursing school, my life consisted of studying for the NCLEX and realizing my selfishness (and trying to change). Over the past month after nursing school, I re-arranged my schedule to accommodate work’s schedule to complete the task they have asked of me, have taken care of little critters, made din din for people who have had incredibly new, busy, and unpredictable schedule, as well as trying to maximize my time with the people in my life. I attempted to slow down and realize that time is going to pass just as fast if I’m thinking about something else or if I concentrate all of my energy into the task at hand. Studying for the NCLEX was a daunting task, I enrolled in a course that guaranteed passing the first go-round. Attended the classes, completed all of the projects, and reviewed all of the questions. As the day of the exam approached, I felt confident, not always a good sign. I didn’t think there was more that I could do in order to prepare. – Geez – I was wrong. I walked out of the exam with tears in my eyes feeling as though I had failed the exam. I cried, pitied myself, climbed back into bed, slept off my misery. Even after studying all those hours, completing 1300+ questions, reviewing material, I still thought I failed the exam. I did my best, God did the rest. Even though I don’t want to think about taking the exam a second time, I know it will only make me a more informed nurse!


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