mistake: not giving thanks

i’ve made the mistake of taking for granted the things God has given me; i haven’t given back; i’ve been so blessed in so many ways: an able body, a sound mind, a roof over my head, food in my belly, clean water to drink, running water, food in the fridge and in the pantry – and these are just the little things – how often do i take these things for granted – every day; i’ve been attempting to thank God everyday for the little things in life; instead of holding onto to my snack for the day (whether it be a piece of fruit or trail mix) – i will give it to someone else in need – the person on the side of the road or the homeless person i walk by on the way to where i am going; i’d even offer them a shower and a roof over their head for a night, but it frightens me as to the people of this world and i’m a single lady; remind me to give back to the world what God has so graciously given to me – even if it is a small snack pack or a bite size candy bar for the 7 mile hike i’ll conquer – i’m pretty sure that person who hasn’t eaten in a couple of days will appreciate it more than i will – even if i am hypoglycemic ‘dying’ of hunger at the end of the hike


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