our time is limited; we should make the most of all our time; i’m guilty of doing this to the extreme with multi-tasking;

multi-tasking means more things will be ‘checked off’ our task lists, but it doesn’t mean we have made the most of our time

a man, who had enough love to fill two lifetime fulls and dispensed it in half of a life, he made the most of his time: (example) him and his wife had a date night scheduled, his sister called 10 minutes before because she was having troubles with her husband (a good friend of his) – he sat there for 2 hours: listened to her, talked to her, gave her advice, and comforted her – his wife didn’t get upset that their date night was ‘ruined’ (they must have had awesome telepathic communication skills);

today, as i reflect back on this man and this story – i remember how this man always made time for the people in his life; he loved life there was no tomorrow because he knew that in the end, people are all that really matter; he never rushed – he always wanted to make others laugh: even at the expense of being controversial and politically incorrect;

i realize my time is limited – i need to stop ‘checking things off’ my task list and start checking into people’s lives – just stopping and listening; it’s not going to be easy and i’m going to fail;

this week, as i am on the phone, i will sit still and give the other end of the phone my full attention for 7 minutes – yes, it’s a small and slow start and i might fail – it will work on my patience; this means: no walking while talking, no reading emails, not playing with my fingernails, not updating my facebook status, not driving, not eating, not drinking, not doing anything else JUST talking to you – maybe taking notes, no doodling (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/acp.1561/abstract)

call me and maybe you’ll be that person or maybe it will be the operator or the annoying ‘hold music’ i dread listening to!


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