my niece has been learning the noises of the animals; when we ask her ‘what does a lion say?’ she responds with ‘ROAR’ – ‘what does a squirrel do?’ she squinches her faces and moves her teeth up and down – this past weekend we saw a skunk and i said ‘what do we do when we see a skunk?’ – we plugged our noses and said ‘P.U.’ – it’s so funny what we can get little children to do; i heard a saying once that said ‘if you can get the children to laugh, then they’ll listen to you’ – it’s so true; as soon as i got my niece to laugh and then to realize that other people will laugh at what i taught her – she will listen to a couple of things i say; now, i just have to be careful that i want her to know (and repeat) what i am saying


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