it’s A. Joy

My day started with a phone call from a mother of a girl I didn’t know, have never seen, but have always loved. Is this possible?  

Today, I realized time passes as quickly or slowly as you wish – you make your time. You prioritize. There are times in your life when you decide: relationships or accomplishments, future or present, people or things, sleep or talk, boy or girl, solitude or social – tough decisions.  Whichever, you decide be decisive. Don’t say one thing and want another. Be honest with yourself.  Understand the decisions made today affect your life tomorrow.

I received a phone call at 0622 – I wanted to goack to sleep, I didn’t.  I decided to get up, get ready, and head out.  The next 13 hours revolved around this little girl!  Time passed as it should – my thoughts revolved around her.  All day, I heard comments about time – ‘you’ve been here how long?’ – ‘are you going to stay all day?’ – ‘i have to go to work in the morning.’ – ‘it’s been a long time’ .  Granted, I’ll admit, my plans were rearranged for this lil’ girl – she was the center of my world . . . today.  

Today, I realized the importance of time!

Thank you, Alyssa Joy!


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