the other day, I decided to sit down and watch television; as I turned on the television, none of the programs or movies on the 1000+ channels appealed to me until I came across English Premier Soccer League; started watching Manchester United control the ball so eloquently passing foot to foot with no ‘hospital’ balls; the game slowly progressed, and I remember thinking “I understand why people who don’t play soccer don’t enjoy watching soccer – it’s slow”; I continued to watch the game unfold and within 10 minutes Manchester United scored twice and Tottenham Hotspur scored once- three goals in ten minutes; no, this isn’t normal, but it made me remember what I love about the sport – completely unpredictable: can be slow watching the passes from player to player, then with one pass a the opponent on the ‘not goal’ side- the dynamic of the game can change and if you’re not paying attention, you’ve missed the best play of the game; one can relate this to life: some portions are slow and you don’t pay much attention to them, then with one minor change, the direction can turn and your life is full speed ahead; sometimes the end result is a goal with the ball in the back of the net or your expending all your energy only to miss the shot; either way you’ve got to be on top of your game at all times


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