age ain’t nothing but a number

I was invited to play ultimate frisbee then go out dancing- and I said YES; I rode my bike to the field; the energy of the people on the field tossing around the frisbee (I’d say throwing the frisbee, but only a handful of the people actually knew how to properly throw a disc – hence the reason for the term ‘tossing’); we laughed, we cried, we got trampled on the ground, we dove for some frisbees, we knocked into trees, we ran around the entire field; I had an amazing time; after the game, they started to throw around a rugby ball while I practiced my gymnast skills on the grassy area; about 2130, a select few of us quickly wiped our faces and changed into jeans and cowboy boots to dance the night away; we danced and danced and danced some more; the 2300 hour hit and he said “are you ready to go?”; my response: “one more fast dance”; we continued dancing and twirling, talking and spinning, getting down with our bad selves; on the way out he said “you make me feel old”; to which I replied “you make me feel young”; a couple of days later, he asked me “why didn’t it bother you to hang out with a bunch of ‘kids'”; on the receiving end of this question, it felt odd; I never thought of age as anything but a number; the fact that he would be so inclined to say something along these lines really irked me; as I sit here and continue to think about it, have we really been so consumed with our age that we decline requests because we feel as though people are immature or not up to our standards; I don’t understand this at all; it confuses me that people accept or decline invitations based on the other persons age; this guy I am talking about has a 50+ year old best friend and he treasures the time he spends with the older man; shouldn’t we be treasuring every moment we spend with the people we love . . . regardless of age?


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