mistake – jumping the gun

when i came to tucson, az 15 months ago, i knew it was to be for a short time, i had the world at my fingertips and nothing was tying me down; then my mind changed: i started to enjoy tucson, az and could see myself living here . . . possibly lifelong; then my heart changed and i hated tucson, az – i wanted nothing more to leave tucson, az without looking back; my mind and my heart changed . . . once again – not necessarily liking tucson, az – just not hating it; realized the significance and importance of developing intimate friendships, community, connecting with other people, realizing the deep connection with peers and cohorts, understanding the depths of relationships with people who survived the rigors of nursing school; then i stopped isolating myself, started living life with other people, found the joy in dancin’ the night away, playin’ in the rain, bike ridin’ all over town, lovin’ on other people, swingin’ in the park, talking until all hours of the night, minglin’ with others, throwin’ the disc in the rain, eatin’ good food with good people, enjoyin’ the company of others;

as i leave tucson, az – i cry because i realize these are the people that helped me survive a brutal 15 months; the brain trust – i couldn’t have survived without you; i wish i wasn’t leaving so early – wishin’ i could go hikin’ and swimmin’; without you, i don’t know where i’d be!


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