It’s raining . . . it’s pouring

the other day, I took a bike ride; I was at a friends place and I left them with my backpack and I took off on my bike; I just wanted to ride; I started off on paved roads, then I went off road for a bit; when I looked up, I saw dark clouds in front of me; I decided to turn around and go back on paved roads; within 1 mile of getting back on the paved road, the rain started coming down; then it started pouring down; at first, I was a bit disappointed, the. Instead of getting upset, I decided to enjoy it; I turned off the iPod and started really enjoying my ride; it was awesome; just really reveled in the moment; while on the back roads in Tucson, AZ – I felt like I was back in AUS; a couple of people stopped and asked if I wanted a ride; even though I was soaked with water, they stopped and asked if I wanted a ride; by this time, I was already enjoying my ride and I was already soaked – it wasn’t going to get any worse! from now on, I’m not going to be upset when things don’t go my way, I’m going to try and enjoy the moment 🙂


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