more things learned

i never understood how people did it – they did it all; worked a full time job, had din din on the table by 1800, childcare, and then time for self and study; as i live life and invade people’s homes and see how people really live – i’ve realized that something’s gotta give; yes, all of these things can be done; yes, everything on their task list gets checked off; yes, everyone is happy; how does the woman do it?; she sacrifices; she sacrifices her own time; she gives up her ‘me’ time for the other person; from an outside perspective, i saw everything getting done without the sacrifice; i tried to do this and i failed; my selfishness wanted the ‘me’ time; i sacrificed spending time with other people or attempted to multi-task in order to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and did both tasks poorly because of it; learning to be less selfish; learning to sacrifice other things (sleep) in order to engage in the lives of other people; it’s not something that can change overnight – i can’t go from having lots of ‘me’ time to having ‘no’ me time; i can’t survive off of 4.5 hours of sleep every night; one thing i can do is change – change slowly – change gradually; yes, knowing me, i will always need ‘me’ time, but i will learn to engage in other people’s lives and sacrifice ‘me’ for them!


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