sounds like a rather difficult task, being a man

A man takes responsibility for HIMSELF. He understands that his choices effect his place in life – choices made today determine where he is going tomorrow. He thinks through his choices of what he desires and prioritizes in his life. He makes decisions and lives with the consequences.

A man takes responsibility for His FAMILY. He is the protector and provider for his family. He protects them. He loves them with his heart, soul, and mind. He knows that his family ties are stronger than anything else. A man’s family changes when he takes a wife. On that note: When a real man makes a promise, he keeps it. If he can’t keep a promise, he doesn’t give his word. A real man would rather die than break his word. Granted, his immediate family changes, but his family grows to include all of those he loves. For instance, a man understands that at some point he may be called upon to care for his sister, mother, father, in-laws, or any other relative. This can be very sobering. When a man understands this it has an effect on his relationships as of today.

A man takes responsibility for his INFLUENCE. Every male influences, but few men take it seriously. Men take the time to help, encourage, protect, care, and LOVE others. They want to influence, not just affect. This intentional action (to influence) is huge. When he sees his responsibility, his perspective changes.

A man takes responsibility for his ACCOUNTABILITY. Everyone has to answer to somebody. A True MAN understands this accountability and takes it seriously.

A real man keeps it simple – in the midst of all life’s chaos.

 a man honors and respects his woman at all costs

man: maybe they are fictional creatues


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