5 miles

as i’ve been biking more and reading more about biking, i’ve learned i drive my car too much; i read somewhere that the majority of the trips we make in our car are 5 miles or less from the place we reside; therefore, i map out my route before i get into the car; i have decided if the trip is less than 5 miles, i will ride; however, i realize at times this is ridiculous – like when it’s 120 degrees outside or when you’re transporting a large bulk of material or a baby or carpooling – in these instances exceptions will be made; in spite of all this, i will be biking more and driving less by combining my trips instead of just going to the grocery store – i will visit with a friend, stop by the mom and pop shop to pick up a treat for that special someone, then drive out to play some ultimate, and end with a night of dancing – as opposed to making multiple trips in my car; those who love me may be concerned because of the temperature, time of day, or crazy drivers, but instead of praying for safe travels – pray that whatever happens during my rides will bring me closer to Christ – whatever it takes!


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