things learned

i’ve learned that sometimes i tend to do things backwards; when i was a little child – i had too much energy – always wanting to get things done and checking the box on the task list; as i grew up into my adolescent years, i had these awesome ideas that i usually just did – sometimes without even thinking about it; i’d buy things because i had an idea for them and the ‘thing’ would sit for years and years until i re-discovered it and made something else out of it (probably) – in college, i saw this time and time again where i’d start on a project and afterwards, think of what could have been different – sometimes wishing to go back in time and have a ‘redo’; as i sit here and i’m working on different projects, i’m realizing the same problem presents itself time and time again; i start on a project and throughout the entire project i think ‘oh i should have done this, oh i should have done that, maybe i should just start over’; with some projects, it’s practical and do-able to start over – yes, this requires more work, but the long term benefits make the hard work worth it; i continue to re-vamp my ideas all the time; i’m going to start planning before i do

if i tell you i’m in the middle of a project, ask me about my plan! thanks for the accountability


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