mistake: being untrustwothy

i’ve heard it said time and time again “live as though your friends can defend you but never have to” (Arnold H. Glasgow)

over the years, i learned that if someone else errs in your favor – take it and run; if the error surfaces, then payback or fix the error in due time; it’s a hard lesson to learn when you’ve thought you’ve been following this quotation only to learn you haven’t; recently, i met someone who lived this out; until this person came into my life, i didn’t realize how much i took for granted and didn’t honestly live; i can’t change overnight; as stated in Tim Chester’s book ‘You Can Change’ “You can’t create Christian character overnight. It’s the fruit of suffering and perseverance, it’s the harvest of daily weeding out of sin and planting grace”; from now on, i live honestly – even though this may come too late

how to become trustworthy to someone who’s already deemed you untrustworthy; how to prove yourself to someone; the answer: you don’t do it for the other person, you do it for yourself – now wait – hold up: is that selfish? there’s the dilemma; are you the person who trusts people straight away or does someone have to earn your trust before you give it to them; it’s a crazy situation – one is protecting yourself, the other is making you vulnerable (oh – another topic)


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