why is it so hard to be honest with other people? Is it because we are too nice and don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings – is it because we are more interested in being their ‘fake friend’ than being a true friend – is it because we are so insecure and we can’t stand the thought of losing someone? with friends- I tell it like it is – when I with someone I tell them my concerns and my thoughts with the hopes that we can work it out / talk it out together – this may lead to parting ways, but I’d rather you like me for who I am, not love me for who I am not; it’s a fine line between speaking the truth with love and grace and if I don’t speak the truth with grace, please help me- if you ask me a question, I’ll give you and honest answer; it may hurt; when I ask a question that has the potential to be hurtful (i.e. does this make me look fat?) tell me the truth; it may hurt now, but it would hurt more when people were staring at me for the wrong reasons; be honest and up front with your actions


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