mistake: not communicating

why is it that some people are great communicators and others are not? why is it that you can communicate so freely and openly with some people and with other people you don’t communicate so well?

honestly, i’ve always thought of myself as a great communicator. however, over the past couple of hours/day/weeks/months i have learned that different people interpret my communication style differently. is this my fault or is it the other person’s fault or is anybody at fault? i’ve been guilty of the people i love – i expect them to read my mind: this isn’t fair to them. therefore, i’ve left them guessing, don’t communicate with them, and push them away. my personal opinion is give it to me straight: i’m a big girl, i can handle the truth – this is what i tell people; sometimes i use this with other people – give it to them straight; but the people i love – i keep them guessing; it doesn’t make any sense to me;

ironically, though, we become better communicators by communicating with other people; if we shy away from communication, we won’t become better communicators; if you’re unwilling to communicate your feelings, poor communication results; how to communicate with someone who’s unwilling to communicate with you; how to change your communications style for someone else; changing yourself when they are unwilling to change; communication requires two people – it’s the act of listening, which at times i don’t do very well, and the act of speaking; call me out – if i’m not listening to you or giving you my full attention; i want to sit there and listen to you talk; i want to know your communication style, so i can communicate with you; i want to have open communication lines knowing that if i say something and it hurts you, you will tell me; my intentions are not evil, however, some of the things i say come across that way; i have people in my life that don’t hear what i am trying to convey; sometimes i speak too much, but people don’t interpret what i’m saying to the way that i am saying it; other times i say a sentence and the other one extracts a paragraph out of it; i heard this said the other day “don’t hear what i say, know what i mean” – sometimes, i wish people could do that; just know what goes on in this head of mine and interpret what’s in my head; please help me with communication – speak the truth to me in love and grace

i don’t open up to those who can hurt me the most for fear of them hurting me first and this in turn hurts them and destroys


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