praying for patience

don’t do it unless you really want it; God will grant you patience; i haven’t directly been praying for patience – i’ve been praying for patients; my patience has been increasing slowly and He’s teaching me to trust in Him; knowing He is in control; all of my actions are in line with His plan; i can’t mess up His plan; He wants the best for me; everything is for His glory and my good; back on topic: i stood in line today for 44 minutes, i could have jumped lines, i could have performed self checkout, but i decided to stay in my line; i’m not sure why, i just did; don’t think this is something i would have done 2 months ago; as it’s been said ‘i’ve learned the importance of time and giving people your time’ – praying impossible prayers are also prayers about patience – you’ve gotta wait for the Lord – that’s it about me and my patience!


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