little ones: human beings from birth to 18 yrs old

have you ever wondered about the miracle of life?  all of the things that have to go right and all of the things that can go wrong; being in nursing school has made me appreciate the miracle of life in a new light, new concept with a ‘WOW’ attitude to discover that every live birth is a miracle in and of itself; then as you watch the little ones grow – it’s awesome and amazing the different things they retain just from observing while they are young; sometimes, i think it’s crazy how much they retain when they are little – it’s more than we may wish them to; i’ve been thinking about adopting a little one with a hearing deficit because ‘the boy’ knows sign language – how awesome would it be to adopt a hard of hearing little one and learn sign language with him/her; i thought ‘yeah, it’d be a challenge for me to learn at such an advanced age, but what an incredible opportunity for a little one in need of loving parents’ – don’t want to say anything out of scaredy-ness and fear of failure


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